• Talk shows on marriage topics (marriage, sex, fun, communication, love, money etc.)

  • Professional marriage counseling interactive shows

  • Game shows with married couples only and related to marriage with great prizes

  • Husband and wife healthy cooking shows featuring exciting easier to make delicious weight losing meals, with the best cooking appliances, cookware, smart pots and pans, and kitchen ideas to make cooking a joy. 
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  • Medical shows featuring health issues of married couples.

  • The Debbie Steele Show (talk show all about marriage, celebrity interviews, entertainment and more)

  • Married couples golf tournaments

  • Celebrity married couples hosting shows.

  • Comedy shows past and present with married couples

  • Cheater's TV Show (all about catching marriage cheaters on camera and the feelings of those they hurt)

  • News, Weather, and Sports Reporters will be married couples.

  • Shows with guest church  Pastors, Rabbi, Priests, Ministers and many spiritual leaders on Sunday teaching what God has to say about marriage.

  • Homes for sale to married couples

  • Fun things married couples can do at home

  • Exciting products for married couples in our commercials and a review of products and services

The Johnnie Steele Show Live with music, dancing, celebrity interviews, live entertainment and fun. The Johnnie Steele 4 Real Show is known worldwide by married couples for his unique entertainment style that is different and entertaining. With his versatile vocals he can emulate almost any artist while you hear the complete and authentic musical rendition of your favorite songs.  Singing with him is his lovely wife Debbie Steele with a voice that is a gift and a treat to listen to.  Johnnie has a vast repertoire of R&B, Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Pop, Seasonal, Dance and Gospel.  His song list consists of music from the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's to the present. He is truly spectacular.  He will make your marriage fun.
.    The Johnnie Steele Show www.steele4real.com
   The Memory Lane
      Dance Party Show
     For Married Couples.

Marriage TV is exclusively about and created for married couples.  We will present shows that feature  informative life changing programing for married couples.

Our programing will feature:
    A travel destinations show exposing married couples to fun, food and romance worldwide
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The Marriage TV Network
This Show Will Be Hot and Exciting For Married Couples with Guest Stars

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There are 57,320,000 Married Couples In the USA
Dance With Your Spouse at Home or In Our Studio with The Show.
Johnnie Steele Is Dynamic & Awesome
He is a one man show