As a new                                               member you will receive a Vacation Cash Card that will give you and your spouse a $100/$200 discount after you find the best discounted rate for your selected hotel, airfare and car rental anywhere in the world.

Marriage Celebration Club Members Have More Fun Worldwide
The Marriage Celebration Club Banquet
Announcements Calendar Coming Soon
Email, Text or Show This Website To All Of Your Married Relatives, Friends and Co-workers Now
Enjoy Great Discounts Up To 40% Off On Tickets For Concerts, Broadway Shows, Movie Premieres and Ballets Anywhere In The USA
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Seafood & Veggie Cooking Contest
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.The Divorce Police Awards Program & Banquet
    The event for marriage professionals that saved marriages during the year. Announcements Calendar Coming Soon
Up To 40% Off Stores Online
Marriage Club Shopping Discounts
With Your Marriage Club ID Card
Celebrate Your Marriage With Marriage Club Affiliate "Premier Luxury Rentals" for Sport Cars, Limousines, Vacation Homes, Private Jets, Helicopters, Yacht's and Private Security
VIP 5 Star Club Membership Rentals
Coming Soon "The Marriage TV Network"
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About Marriage Only
TV Network Plans
The Marriage Bank Account
Money for Your Marriage Program
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Romantic Travel Packages
Club Romantic Vacations and Prices
Enjoy Fun Marriage Club Nights On The Town
Date Night/Weekend
The Marriage Celebration Costume Ball
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Marriage Thankful and Forgiveness Prayer 
Couples Must Recite or Renew Their Wedding Vows and Pray Together During Their Anniversary Day Annually
Board & Card Games Nights At Home with
Married Friends & Relatives
(Your choice of Friday or Saturday evenings with snacks)

The Marriage Black-Tie Charity Ball
Raising Money for Homeless Married Couples With Families
Announcement Calendar Coming Soon
Annual Fish/Shrimp/Crab Seafood Feast
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Chef's Secret Smart Cooking and
Cookware To Lose Weight
Dream Vacation Week For Married Couples
Couples Dance Contest
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There are 57,320,000  Married Couples In the USA
(USA 2010 Census).
.Enjoy Monthly Club Cruise Parties With Your Married Family, Friends and Relatives or Go Romantically Alone Together
Marriage is fun, sexy, and spiritual.  
Love in marriage is happiness and
so is cruising.
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VIP Club Member  Transportation
Club Yachts Include Crew and A Full Service Staff Onboard.
Marriage Celebration Club Party Bus
Marriage Celebration Club Online
Romantic Lingerie Shopping Event
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Unlimited Boat Fun For Club Members Who Want
To Be In A Yacht Club Without Owning
   Marriage Celebration Club: Branches Opening in Europe,            Asia, South America, Australia, Canada, and Mexico
Tease and Please Your Spouse
With Fun and Foreplay Lingerie
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The Marriage Celebration Club Benefits:
Great Tickets to All Sports Events with up to 40% Off The Price to Include Baseball, Hockey, Football, Soccer, PGA Golf, College Cricket Games, Tennis, The Super Bowl, World Series, NASCAR, Olympics, Swimming, Winter Sport Events and More
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Drawing To Be Held At The Marriage Celebration Club Banquet

This is the world's most exclusive Membership Club for married couples featuring fun activities and events. This exciting marriage club features two types of memberships (see membership page). One membership covers USA only benefits and the VIP membership covers worldwide benefits.  Enjoy monthly scheduled events  such as crab feasts, barbeques, bull roasts, veggie roasts, club sponsored parties, cruises, ski parties, fishing trips and golf tournaments. Shop with your Club membership card and receive up to 80% off on merchandise, gifts, and home products. You can also shop at your favorite stores and the Marriage Celebration's Club's Online shopping websites.  Also enjoy suggested quality of life products from our sponsors online and on our Marriage TV Network (coming soon).

Our VIP Club Membership includes all club activities, events and has available for your use Club luxury transportation rentals to include yachts, sport cars, Ferrari limousines, super stretch limousines, private islands, castle stays, private chefs, butler services, 5 star resorts worldwide, Lear jets, and helicopters.  Attend Club sponsored formal events, yacht parties, splash parties, married celebrity hosted events, castle parties, charity events and fashion shows.  Take your spouse out more often with the best dining out discount debit cards or coupons anywhere and participate in worldwide shopping sprees with discounts up to 80% off. Our club members have more fun than you can think of for yourself.  Join the Club and make new friends with other married couples as you travel to other club events worldwide.  Join and let the fun begin now.
Presents The

There Are An Estimated 4 Billion Married Couples In The World
(United Nations Statistics 2010)