Marriage Club's Date Nights & Weekends
Enjoy Marriage Date Nights & Weekends
On The Town

We will arrange with local and night clubs to open their doors at least twice a week for married couples only. Twice a month we will have city exchange fun dating weekends.  Example: married couples from Philadelphia swap with New York City or the city of St.Louis will swap with Chicago that includes hotels, shopping, selected restaurants, night clubs, live shows, plays, museums, popular attractions, sightseeing, religous institutions with planned activities and roundtrip transportation on fun party buses. The Marriage Celebration Club will also sponsor parties in major cities for married couples monthly. Have fun with your spouse.

Club members will have special marriage ID discount cards that have husband and wife pictures on it for club activities and club merchandise. You will also be able to have breakfast, lunch or dinner at restaurants in your hometown and other cities at participating businesses at 10% - 50% off.
We will send you Restaurant.Com Discount ecards or gift cards to you once you join the Marriage Celebration Club.

Enjoy Date Weekend in the Country with small towns hosting activities such as wine tasting, bull roasts, farm tours, barbeques, tractor pulls, horseback riding, fishfry cookout, barn dancing, the best picnics, pig catching, country shopping of homemade quilts,cookies, cakes, pies, jams/jellies, cured hams, home grown in season fruits, vegetables corn right off the stalk, and local scheduled activities such as County Fairs. The Best fun ever!

Also enjoy fall/winter activities such as ice skating, night singing on a horse drawn sled, ski activities, marshmallow night camp fires with scary stories and tall tales from local story tellers and many other fun activities.

Party at home or at a venue
Go out on the town in luxury enjoying each other
There are 57,320,000 Married Couples In the USA
Marriage Celebration Club: Branches Opening in Europe, Asia, South America, Australia, Canada, and Mexico