Mr. & Mrs. you were joined as one in a marriage ceremony before God.  Your income coming into the house is for the benefit of the both of you and the household united as one. It is suggested by financial experts that both paychecks should first go into a joint bank account that is agreeable to both of you to pay the bills. Next after the bills are paid, the money goes into a savings account for the family's future and emergencies.  After the savings account is taken care of then you as a couple will split what is left over and put the balance into a his and a her's separate bank or credit union accounts.  These accounts are for each spouse to do whatever he or she desires to do with this money.  No spouse can tell the other how to spend this remaining money. This will cause financial harmony in the household because you know where and how your marital money is spent. Any new household bills must be agreed upon together. 

Special Note: We strongly encourage the use of these basic marital principles to all our members however, Universal World Entertainment and the Marriage Celebration Club are not licensed financial advisors. Please consult with a financial specialist to see if this program will work for your marriage.
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The Marriage Money Management Program I
Husband's Paycheck
Wife's Paycheck
.Direct Deposit Both Paychecks into a joint account for paying pre-determined
family bills and church tithes of 10%
Then money is moved  automatically to a
Joint Savings Account for Family Future, Investments and Emergencies
All money left over is then deposited into his and her own private accounts to do as they please
His Own Private Bank Account To Do As He Pleases.  (Spouse cannot tell him what to do with this money)

Her Own Private Bank Account To Do As She Pleases.  (Spouse cannot tell her what to do with this money)
Hot Tip
To draw any joint savings money out requires both signatures
Hot Tip
Deposit all extra money earned and hold no secrets from one another
Hot Tip
Your family may effortlessly
become more financially stable or wealthy and prepared for those "Financial Rainy Days" with this program
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